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Born on the Road

About Interstate

Inspired by the iconic Route 66, the mother road that winds from the bustling streets of Chicago to the sun-kissed beaches of California, Interstate 420 embarked on its own historic journey. We saw in Route 66 not just a road, but a symbol of discovery, freedom, and the spirit of adventure. And in that same way, Interstate 420 is your vehicle for enjoying the journey and not just a means to get to your destination.

Bring to West
to Illinois

Determined to bridge the cultivation mastery and premium quality of the West with the eager and emerging cannabis landscape of Illinois, we traversed the nation, seeking out the best practices, strains, and methods. Our mission was clear: to ensure that every cannabis enthusiast, whether a seasoned traveler or a first-time explorer, could find their perfect journey with us.

About nuEra

Interstate I420 is brought to you by nuEra Cannabis. nuEra Cannabis is an Illinois-born, family-owned canna-retailer. As one of the original medical licensees in the state, we have played a significant role in shaping the cannabis industry from its inception. Today, we stand proudly as one of the largest independent operators in Illinois.

nuEra Cannabis launched Interstate 420 as part of its expansion into the seed to sale market. In 2023, nuEra announced its acquisition of Ieso Illinois, a cultivation center and renowned industry leader. By injecting new ideas, energy, and capital into the remarkable existing team, we are poised to unlock untapped potential and propel our brands to unprecedented heights.

Highest Quality

As a seed to sale brand, Interstate 420 guarantees the highest quality standards at every stage of the cannabis production process and is committed to providing premium products for every trip.

Finding your Path

No two road trips are the same, and neither are our products. Interstate 420 is committed to curating an expansive range of products, ensuring that every traveler finds their perfect route. Whether you’re looking to take the express lane or the back roads, we’ve got the right fuel for your trip.


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